Information About Your Trip



Inconnu Lodge accommodates 12 guests at a time for five or seven day trips. Contact us about space availability.

Our Inconnu Lodge adventure begins at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Guests must arrive in Whitehorse the day prior to departure to the Lodge. Late afternoon flights or next morning flights should be scheduled for the return trip from Whitehorse to your home.

Our sales and marketing staff will make reservations for you at the High Country Inn upon confirmation of your trip. Costs for these rooms is the responsibility of the guest. Our office pre books rooms at the High Country Inn, so all your Yukon hotel needs are organized by us.


Sample Itinerary

Just one possible week…

Day 1 Arrive at Lodge, orientation meeting, guides appointed, fish McEvoy Lake for Lake Trout or nearby river for Arctic Grayling on flies or spinners. There is a lot of wildlife to view from the main lake: Moose, Caribou, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Falcons, Trumpeter Swans, Loons, and Ducks.
Day 2 Fly-out to nearby lake and river system for some of the biggest and most plentiful Lake Trout in all the North. Aim for Arctic Grayling (nearly every cast) and Bull Trout in this magnificent river.
Day 3 Fly-out to remote lake and take a river drift trip using inflatable rafts and fish for Lake Trout and some of the biggest Northern Pike in the North. Before dinner, grab a paddle and canoe around Inconnu Lodge’s many lakes and view the local wildlife.
Day 4 Spend an interesting day fishing and exploring the lake and river system around the main lodge. Meet at the shore lunch island for a superb feast of baked trout or maybe take an adventure flight to Virginia Falls on the South Nahanni River or a helicopter adventure day to the glaciers east of the lodge and then lunch in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, one of the worlds greatest vertical rock climbing areas.
Day 5

Fly-out to nearby lake and river system and spend the day canoeing and fishing for Lake Trout, Bull Trout and Arctic Grayling (nearly every cast).

Day 6 Fly-out to large lake and river system. Fish for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling. stay just for the day or overnight in one of our outpost cabins. Fish the Woodside River in the afternoon for Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling and Inconnu (Shee Fish) or explore a nearby abandoned trading post.
Day 7 Fly out to one of Inconnu’s best river systems for a day of adventure for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Bull Trout.


Extra side trip prices:

    • Virginia Falls Adventure with float plane, up to 6 persons $ 2,400.00.

Price is divided by the amount of guests.